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Springs are a very small part of the garage door but are very necessary for smooth functioning of the door. Every door, be it a carriage house door or a custom garage door, has springs in place as a vital component. As springs are an important part of the garage door they are subject to wear and tear as well. Springs can break which can put you and your property at risk. It cannot be stressed enough that you should get your garage door springs inspected as soon as you realize that you are facing an issue.

Springs come in all sizes and they should be picked based on the size and weight of the door. If a technician fails to fit the right combination of springs and door type, it can lead to malfunctioning doors in the future. It is important to choose the best experts as an untrained or inexperienced technician may lead to increased costs and faulty installations. We have built a reputation in the Belmont, MA area as one of the best team of experts, who have been successfully helping the local community for more than a decade now.

Our team not only replaces, repairs or tightens loose springs but also provides our clients with proper guidance on how to elongate the life of the springs currently installed on their garage doors. We only use the best quality materials and source them from the biggest manufacturers from all over the country. Our customers can choose from the following types of springs, based on their requirements and budget:

Torsion springs

You must be wondering what a torsion spring is? They are the underlying mechanism in many garage doors responsible for successfully opening and closing your garage door. It consists of a tightly packed system of spring over a shaft, with cables running from both sides through drums. When the garage door closes, the spring rewinds or resets into place. Torque is used by the torsion springs to lift the door. As the door is lifted, spring unwinds and the cables lift the door using the stored energy from the springs. The best part is that even if the spring breaks, the cables can always keep the door in place saving you from any kind of severe damage.

Extension springs

Being the more affordable option, extension springs are the first choice of many clients. These springs stretch and enlarge and can bear extensive weights. Extension springs work independently to each other and run parallel to the track, leading to easily raising and closing the door. When the door is closed, the springs extend and when it’s raised, the springs contract. They are associated with enormous tension and shouldn’t be handled by a novice.

You can seek our help to install, maintain and repair or replace the springs at your home and office. Simply call us on 617-941-6111.